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The Redemption Dimension - MP3


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In this unique audio seminar, Dwight Pryor explores various themes, principles and problems relating to Passover as a historical event for Israel, the Last Supper for Jesus, as well as a spiritual paradigm for a biblical worldview and Kingdom living.

Four downloadable teachings in this series:

  1. Passover Love Story
  2. Passover Reconsidered
  3. Passover Timeline
  4. Passover Principles

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the Redemption Dimension

It expanded the beauty of the Passover story for a Gentile believer and "filled in the gaps" of our understanding of Yeshua's gift .
Posted by Sherry DeBruyn, Oct 1st 2020

Clear and helpful!

A feast with so many nuances deserves in depth treatment by one of the most helpful and Messiah-centered teachers I have encountered. This resource will help you better understand Passover and the surrounding context by bringing clarity to the details while never forgetting the big picture of God's redemptive love. I highly recommend!
Posted by Jeremy, Aug 10th 2016

Thorough and useful in my teaching

I am new to the JC Studies Website. I am currently teaching a 2 year class on Exodus. I learned of this website and the resources through Dr. Ray Vander Laan's website. I am very impressed with the teaching and find the connections made in this series to be enlightening and useful in my teaching of Exodus. Dr. Pryor was my missing link in bringing all my resources together. I trust his insights and integrity of teaching, as he adheres to the original text and culture. I find I have to listen and re-listen to strengthen my own understanding and framework of the text. His content is more advanced, so I would recommend it to those who have studied Scripture consistently prior to.
Posted by undefined, Dec 16th 2015