Dwight A. Pryor

The Torah in One Word


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One of the remarkable qualities of biblical teaching is that you can revisit it time after time, gleaning fresh insight. This is one of our staff favorites.

Join Dwight A. Pryor on a profound journey through the Jewish world of Jesus specifically focusing on what we call Law and He called Torah. "The Torah in One Word" will challenge your thinking and stir your heart while answering questions Christians are asking on this important subject.

This important teaching is available exclusively in MP3 format.

Your purchase helps us share the Hebraic nature of the Gospel with Christians. Thank you and enjoy!

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Torah In One Word

Of all the teachings and sermons I've heard over the years, this is the one I go back and listen to at least annually. I think I do this because the "Torah in One Word" so beautifully and thoughtfully summarizes the essence of the Gospel. I honestly wish every person who decided to follow Jesus would listen to this beautiful message. It's so easy to get sidetracked by any number Biblical topics that have nothing to do with the Gospel of Jesus, which is why I turn this teaching on a regular basis. As with all of Dwight Pryor's work, he places the Great Command of Jesus to "love God and love neighbor" into the rich contextual setting it deserves. Pryor's work is a treasure and I'm grateful it has been archived here. I'm so thankful I found him so many years ago. I sincerely wish everyone would purchase this teaching and listened to it, because it is - without a doubt - a blessing.
Posted by Greg Fullenwider, May 13th 2021